Introducing the Cultural Art of Kintsugi Ceramic Repair

Contrary to many other cultures which maintain that newer is better and brand new is best of all, traditional Japanese culture sees a piece of ceramic that has been repaired as more beautiful than one that is unblemished. That concept is embodied in Kintsugi, a technique to repair broken ceramics using lacquer and other natural materials, which was born from Japan’s famous tea ceremony culture and dates back as far as 1336.

While it is in accord with it, Kintsugi means so much more than the modern concept of recycling, as it’s also about making things stronger, more beautiful, and more valuable than they were initially. In our package, an acclaimed Japanese modern pottery artist explains more of the background and history of Kintsugi while also conducting a hands-on session where guests can craft their own re-imagined and restored pieces. This activity is available for groups of up to 40 pax.

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