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  • 30 Nov: Alert Status on Mount Agung Volcano in Bali is Lowered

30 Nov: Alert Status on Mount Agung Volcano in Bali is Lowered

The alert level on Mount Agung in Bali was reduced by Indonesian officials of the PVMBG Geological Agency on 29th October from level 4 to level 3.

The decision of lowering the alert level is based on the analysis of data and considerations of the potential danger threats. The activity of gas blowing and seismic activity has decreased in intensity over recent weeks. However, the activity has not ceased completely and the volcano still has the potential to erupt.

Communities around Mount Agung and visitors are still restricted in all areas within a radius of 6 km from the crater and along expansions to North-Northeast and Southeast-South-Southwest as far as 7.5 km. The volcanic observation notice for aviation has been changed from orange to yellow, though observational data can rapidly change so we advise all those within the aviation sector to follow activity reports.

Destination Asia Indonesia has assisted customers with alternative travel suggestions and activities since the activity first occurred and will persist in offering alternative activities if preferred.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates as necessary.

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