Walking Into the Commercial Days of ‘Little Edo’

Head out of Tokyo to a charming city named Kawagoe, often called ‘Little Edo’ owing to its well-preserved atmosphere that reminds of the ancient period. Guests ride the local loop bus with a guide to Kita-in temple, among whose halls are the only remaining palace buildings of the former Edo Castle. Another highlight are the Gohyaku Rakan statues, 540 stone statues of the disciples of Buddha, each with its own facial expression.

Historically, Kawagoe has been an important commercial town supplying resources to present day Tokyo. We walk along the streets around the Warehouse District where many merchants grew wealthy enough to build not only their warehouses but also their stores in the traditional, resistant Kurazukuri style. This is a great place to capture some atmospheric photos.

Our program also visits a soy sauce factory to reveal the secrets behind Japan’s most popular seasoning before sitting down to enjoy a refreshing drink together.

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