Planning for 48 hours or Less in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s top transit hubs for flights coming and going from global destinations daily. As such, it makes a perfect place for visitors to take some time out and get under the skin of one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan and mind-boggling cities. Just a short stop, no problem, within 45 minutes of stepping from your plane you can be sitting in a cable car heading up into the mountain tops of Lantau Peak as one of the world’s largest sitting buddha statues overlooking Po Lin Monastery comes into view on the horizon. Perhaps you have a full day to kill? In under an hour from the airport you can be in the heart of the city exploring backstreets and local vendor stalls for trinkets or sampling some of the many delicious local dishes on one of our walking Foodie tours whilst surrounded by skyscrapers. You could even head to the beach for a refreshing dip to reenergize after a long flight! The greatest misconception about Hong Kong is it’s just a concrete jungle – but there are so many more hidden gems just waiting to be discovered!

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