Sa Dec: Flower Villages of the Mekong Delta

Located alongside the Mekong River, Sa Dec is well-known as the flourishing flower farm region, providing petals throughout Vietnam. The most beautiful season is without doubt early in the year from January to March when the spring blossom is out, coinciding with Festive Lunar New Year in Vietnam called “Tet“.

The farmers who manage this plentiful land carefully tend to the blooming flowers and ornamental plants in preparation for Lunar New Year when demand is at its greatest. In the villages, visitors have the opportunity to walk through glorious, scented swathes of flowers. The ornamental flowers not only give colors and aroma to the villages, but also make their way into local houses, offices and parks as decoration for all to enjoy.

The best time to visit Sa Dec flower village is before and during the traditional Lunar New Year in February. Get in touch with our team now to discuss the opportunities.

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