The Fervent Goma-kito Ceremony

The day begins with a stroll through the natural wonder of Kiyosumi Teinen gardens – the first location to be designated a site of scenic beauty by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with its origins dating back to 1721. Here we admire the 50 precious stones sourced from across Japan and set against around a pond ringed with Japanese black pine, hydrangea and Taiwanese cherry trees. Our next highlight is a visit to the Fukagawa Fudo-do Temple, a very solemn and peaceful place. But the real attraction today is the spectacular goma-kito ceremony, a time when Buddhist Priests burn consecrated wooden sticks on a large fire to gain protection and grant the wishes of those who offered the sticks. As he chants, sutras and other priests play the taiko drums to create a highly energetic spectacle. Guests can observe the ceremony from close by and soak in the highly charged atmosphere.


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