A Beautifully Lazy Day on the Mighty Mekong in Laos

There’s something almost otherworldly about Laos, a nation that goes its own sweet, meandering way, a million miles from the clamour and bustle that normally surrounds us. And there’s no finer way to make the most of it than spending a day on the River Sun Laos. Every day from 10 am to 7 pm, it sets out from its mooring on the Mekong River near Luang Prabang, for a full day of doing nothing much except watching the glorious scenery pass by.  

This unique boat is built from wood in the traditional style, adorned with intricate, ancient Laos artwork and handcrafts, with lots of luxurious touches added. It’s well designed with a choice of supremely comfortable seats, and guests can choose to sit back on a deckchair on the roof or sprawl on the comfortable banquettes both fore and aft. Charming, smiling ladies in traditional Lao dress are on hand to serve drinks and snacks. Guests can order additional delights such as dinner onboard with typical Laos delicacies or western favourites, as well as taking part in a Lao Baci, an ancient ceremony with rituals and blessings centred around a beautiful floral arrangement,  or enjoy a traditional Lao dance performance.

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