A Rediscovered Gem in Luang Prabang

Considering it has the dubious distinction of being the most bombed country in the world after a relentless nine-year bombardment in the Vietnam war, it is remarkable how the people of Laos have turned life around, while smiling and preserving their unique identity and dignity through it all. This revival is personified at the MyBanLao hotel in the famous city of Luang Prabang.  

Originally a stately residence with a series of handsome structures built in classical French colonial style, the building was the American CIA headquarters during the secret war of the 1960s and came complete with its own helicopter landing pad! It has now been treated to a total makeover that pays great respect to traditional Laos styles, materials and furnishings. MyBanLao offers 60 spacious rooms starting from 32-52 sqm with suites spreading over eight buildings, some with direct pool access, and five room types to choose from.

Its vast grounds are dotted with palm, coconut and fragrant frangipani trees and there’s a gloriously inviting pool with the added modern touch of a swim-up bar. The French colonial atmosphere is perfectly captured at its Café 1960 and especially its Bistro 1960 which, as you might expect, specialises in French favourites and terrines.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s an extra special reason to stay here, as it is very firmly focused on sustainable tourism. It embraces the concept of One Health, a lifestyle approach which recognises that the health of humans, the health of animals and the health of our shared environment are all fully intertwined.  This is clear in the way it is run and the resources it uses. As a perfect example, guests can hire a genuine vintage electric car, or a Wuling MiniEV or even an electric scooter – perfect for a visit to the nearby Vat Manorom temple, just 500m away, and the legendary Luang Prabang night and morning markets. 

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Laos at: [email protected]

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