Aqua Luna II Sets Sail in Hong Kong

Newly launched traditional Chinese junk boat, Aqua Luna II recently unfurled its sails to display the magnificent Chinese icon from the Ming Dynasty – the imperial blue and white dragon. In Chinese culture the dragon is a legendary creature; a symbol of power and good luck for all it touches – much favoured by Emperors. Aqua Luna II joins the Aqua Luna family to offer harbour cruises set against Hong Kong’s stunning skyline. Commissioned by Aqua Restaurant Group, Aqua Luna II is even larger than the iconic red-sailed junk Aqua Luna. Probably one of the last traditional Chinese junk boats that will ever be made, Aqua Luna II has been painstakingly built over the past two years.

Leading the construction was Sifu (master craftsman) Au, now 86 years old, who is said to have built more wooden boats than any other person in Hong Kong. The boat is made exclusively from wood, using bamboo for waterproofing with no nails used at all in the structure. Guests can experience the peacefulness of sailing across the harbor on a 45 minute evening harbour cruise, relaxing on lounge beds and sipping cocktails with Hong Kong’s famed skyline as a shining backdrop. Alternatively, during the day guests can explore locations around the harbour, on the Aqua Luna’s hop-on/hop-off Harbour Discovery Tour.

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