Back Street Biking Around Kyoto

Kyoto reaches out to those who visit, connecting with each person on a deep and meaningful level. From their hearts to the mind – the city captivates like nowhere else. The temples are astounding, mystical and monumental; but Kyoto has much more to offer than temples alone. Following a guided tour of temples such as Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-dera, we suggest jumping on a bicycle and exploring the vibrant back streets of Miyagawacho and Gion geisha districts – encountering old-world architecture and timeless forms of entertainment.

Miyagawacho and Gion have retained the old-fashioned Kyoto atmosphere, where Geisha drink and dine with customers in traditional houses. Here we cross stone-paved streets lined with Machiya-style townhouses that exude a typical Kyoto presence.

Our route follows the Shirakawa canal lined with majestic weeping willow trees, stopping at the Imperial Palace Park and its beautiful gardens. The pace is slow and easy, with plenty of opportunities to capture photos. Peddling back alongside the Kamogawa River, we admire one of Japan’s most beautiful sights, the cloud-like formation of endless cherry trees in full bloom; an experience never to be forgotten.

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