Oki Islands Present an Untouched Paradise

The Oki Islands are an archipelago in the Sea of Japan, which are administratively part of Oki District, Shimane Prefecture. The islands have a total area of 346.1 square kilometers (133.6 sq mi) and form a natural haven for wildlife, green pastures and sensational sea life.  Off the beaten path, they are opening up to foreign tourists and attracting visitors through exemplary hiking trails, kayaking adventures, bicycle routes and the chance to sample some deliciously fresh seafood.

They also stand out as an excellent beach destination, making the Oki Islands the perfect place to relax and explore a truly unique corner of Japan. The islands have recently been included as a member of the Global Geoparks Network, helping to preserve them for generations to come. They are easily accessible by plane from Izumo Airport in Shimane Prefecture and by Ferry.

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