Stay An Extra Day in Hue

Vietnam’s former Imperial Capital is home to a vast range of historical and cultural interests, yet the average visitor only spends one night there, often limiting their experience to the tomb sites of the former Emperors. Hue has so much more to offer with its humbling royal demeanor – the remaining French colonial garden houses and villas, quiet streets, quaint riverbanks and idyllic pagodas all yearning to be explored.

Destination Asia Vietnam has recognized this and created a series of seven specialized tours that allow guests to explore the true cultural heart of this delightful city and its surrounding environment. Whether it is cycling to the market with Buddhist nuns or kayaking along a serene stretch of river, these tours will surely encourage your customers to stay longer and experience a side of Vietnam that has changed little over the centuries.

This once religious, economic and cultural epicenter of Vietnam is hidden with architectural masterpieces and evocative relics that never fail to disappoint on a multi-day tour of the region.

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