Seven Temples to Enlightenment

This new enlightening program explores the roots of Balinese religion with a local expert who unveils the secrets behind this spiritual faith.

Our local expert is Enong Ismal, the curator of the nearby Sukarno Museum. Originally from Java, he is greatly passionate about every facet of Balinese life and has been a resident of Bali for 30 years, converting to Balinese Hinduism. As a longstanding and well respected resident of the Tampaksiring area, he has unprecedented access to some of the most important and oldest temples in Bali, some of which are not open to the public. Enong’s contribution to the local community and determination to preserve the ancient heritage of Tampaksiring led to the area being awarded UNESCO National Heritage status.

This exploration of Balinese culture reveals many hidden aspects of life on the island and provides an insight to the mindset of local people. Understanding this way of life helps visitors take something meaningful away from their visit; rather than merely observing from a distance.

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