Bat Trang Pottery Museum Impresses in Hanoi

Bat Trang Village is just a quick 15 km. drive southeast of Hanoi alongside the Red River, so called because of its rich clay base. It has been a centre of pottery production since the 15th century and at one time was chosen as one of the Vietnamese emperor’s own pottery village.

Constructed in 2018 over an area of 3,700 square metres, Bat Trang Pottery Museum comprises seven extraordinary funnel-shaped, intertwined buildings. Their outer walls are carved into multi-layered patterns and with their raw red clay cladding, they look as if they could have been formed on a gigantic potter’s wheel – a truly fascinating sight.  The look and feel of this tranquil place makes the most of Bat Trang Village’s ancient materials with traditional ceramic, mosaic and baked tiles that bring the most authentic colours to the museum.

This is an all-year attraction and pottery classes can be added on. There is meeting space for 150 to 200, depending on format, and dinner can be served to 200 guests, with space outdoors for a further 100 to meet and socialise.

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