TlaiTno Association Music & Dance Insight

TlaiTno Association is a small non-profit set up with international and local support. Their vision is to enable Khmer artists to perform high quality traditional Cambodian music and dance as a career and in good working conditions. They accomplish this by teaching them age-old skills and techniques to become independent traditional Cambodian arts performers.

Meaning dignity in Khmer, TlaiTno operate from a small covered stage set behind a traditional wooden house on a quite village road near the beautiful Preah Enkosai pagoda in Siem Reap. To visit the setting is an authentic experience in itself, and this is more than just another dance show. We take you behind the scenes with the performers as a skilled teacher guides us through an introduction to traditional Khmer musical instruments, revealing step-by-step the traditional dance movements and postures.

The experience gives an insight into the complexity of Khmer dance, its meaning and how it relates to Hindi epics such as the famous Ramayana. Each visit includes a donation to TlaiTno to help them continue in their work of supporting Khmer performing arts.

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