Four-Day Event in Bali Rewarding Top Performers

The Brief: To coordinate a four-day event in Bali from November 7-10 that recognised and rewarded top performers at a leading global tech company known as the Sales Champion Winners Circle. 
Venue: InterContinental Resort Jimbaran, gala dinner at Puri Bhagawan
No of delegates: 225

With the delegates flying in from all parts of the world, the objective was to provide them with a combination of high-level conferences, seminars, and award ceremonies, together with a schedule of fun-filled vacation activities that filled every minute. Special requests we were happy to fulfill included a gala dinner at a separate location, a daily pool party, and a series of women-only networking breakfasts.

So far, so straightforward. But there were a number of unique challenges around this event which we had to anticipate and overcome:

November is typically a rainy month in Bali, so we had to have a Plan B for everyone the outdoor activities so that they could be shifted quickly and easily into tents. This was achieved seamlessly.

The hotel’s new convention centre had only just been inaugurated and it was apparent that the staff still had to get comfortable with it.  Over a series of inspections, we helped with the familiarisation process and, as a failsafe, we also opted to increase the number of on-site staff.

The client placed the highest priority on environmental, social and governance-focused issues, and has a specific set of standards, practices and targets that must be met. To that end, their own dedicated team was flown in. We worked closely alongside them to ensure all requirements could be met, and they were entirely satisfied. Now on to the trickiest challenge: the hotel was hosting a simultaneous event for leaders of the G-20 group of nations, which gave rise to several issues over clear delineation of the two events and, inevitably, competition for the available facilities and staff. This was not an easy situation to resolve. It took a good deal of calm, careful negotiations, and diplomacy.  But we managed to develop and agree on solutions that satisfied both parties and, above all, gave the guests all the attention, enjoyment, and memorable experiences they deserved.

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