Following Penang’s Intriguing Culinary Trails

Asia Talk-MALmar2016Peranakan food is probably the most diverse and distinctive of all Malaysian cuisines. A marriage of cooking styles, Nyonya cuisine combines the preparation techniques of both traditional Chinese and Malay cooking. This unusual marriage gives Nyonya cuisine its distinctive taste, filled with exciting flavors borne through the use of local herbs and spices – and is often spicier than Chinese food. Because of their ingenuity to improvise traditional dishes with spices and herbs, Malaysian Peranakans have produced tasty local treats like achar, curry fish in banana leaves, chendol, Nyonya kueh (pastries) and many other delights.

Destination Asia Malaysia offers exceptional Peranakan dining experiences in Penang, which was voted as one of the world’s top food lovers’ destinations.

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