Cultural Rice Paddy Dinner in Hoi An

Activity_Vietnam700x459Following a request for an extraordinary venue suitable for 130 pax arriving from Australia to the Danang and Hoi An area, Destination Asia Vietnam delivered their newly created, unique and truly inspirational Rice Paddy Dinner. The event would mark the groups’ final night in Vietnam and had to capture the cultural qualities and beauty of Vietnam.

Creating a private village community within a flourishing rice paddy, guests were transported back to a world where the rice harvest was (and still is) considered the event of the year for the local inhabitants. Soft lighting highlighted the emerald fields while every element of a community was present on site – buffalo, women carrying produce on yolks, market stalls, fishermen on a sampan in the river, traditional games and children singing. An entire community was re-created around the activities leading up to harvest season.

A professional dining service ensued as guests took to their seats in the middle of a rice field amid a backdrop of classical Vietnam. The group later remarked their expectations had been met and exceeded at this outstanding event.

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