Amazing Race in Tokyo

Activity_Japan700x459Join together for an ‘Amazing Race’, solving clues in your teams on the streets of Tokyo. Begin the day with an assistant, a camera and a clue. The first pointer leads teams to one of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks where they have to prove their presence with a team photo before being assigned their next clue. A team photo is taken after solving each clue, with the collection shown at dinner in the evening.

The program is an excellent team building activity making use of Tokyo’s efficient transport network while introducing a number of well-known sites to participants – including Ueno, Akihabara and Asakusa, Tokyo’s old town district. A Japanese guide also joins the groups to help interact with locals.

Once the ‘Amazing Race’ is complete and the winner has been declared, the group prepares for a 45 minute cruise on the Sumida Gawa River to enjoy a well-deserved drink. Finally the winning team is honored with a prize at dinner in the evening when a slideshow of all the photos is shown.

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