Denpasar Establishes Bike Lanes from Cultural Centre to Sanur Beach

In a push to encourage locals to exercise more during the COVID-19 pandemic and help reduce air pollution, the Government of Denpasar has dedicated special lanes for bicycles from the city’s cultural centre, also known as Dharma Negara Alaya, to Bali’s Sanur Beach. The opening of the bike lane is hoped to optimize momentum on a larger scale, as cycling has become a new trend among people in Indonesia. The 25km lane is merely the first phase, with the second phase planned for 2021.

In September, Bali also launched the Trans Metro Dewata bus system, offering a new alternative in public transportation. For those planning on trying the new bike lane, officials are also encouraging both locals and visitors alike to hop on the province’s new bus systems, as one of its stations on Jl. Gajah Mada is located along the established route.

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