Sirimahannop Vessel is Bangkok’s Latest Landmark along its Grand Riverfront

Inspired by a Royal Thai navy ship in the era of King Rama V and carpentered as Thailand’s largest three-masted vessel, Sirimahannop by Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is ready to transport guests back to an enchanting bygone era of Thai heritage.

Now permanently docked at Asiatique The Riverfront, the popular retail and lifestyle complex along the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Sirimahannop invites passengers to step into a vibrant world of mixology and gastronomy, with original beverages infused with native woods and tropical fruits, specialist rum cocktails, craft beers, fine wines, premium spirits, and a mouth-watering menu that showcases fresh local seafood and tapas-style plates.

Split across two levels, Sirimahannop can accommodate up to 300 guests. Offering alfresco dining and breath-taking views, the Upper Deck can fit up to 200 guests. For truly refined dining, The Bridge offers an intimate area where small groups of up to six guests can enjoy carefully crafted three-, four- or five-course menus that fuse the flavours of Thailand, Scandinavia and many exotic ports in between. At the captain’s invitation, passengers can open the hatch to a hidden rum bar and sip the sailor’s “tot” – the daily allocation of alcohol once given to every seaman. Descending to the Lower Deck, the enchanting indoor zone caters up to 100 guests, while two additional private rooms can each cater for up to six people, with exquisite food and drinks

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