Singapore & Hong Kong Establish Bilateral Air Travel Bubble

In another push to reopen borders, resume general travel on a limited basis, and revive decimated air hubs, Singapore and Hong Kong have reached an in-principle agreement to establish a bilateral air travel bubble, which will exempt travellers from quarantines or stay-home notices. Those travelling under the bubble will have no restrictions on their travel purpose and will not need to have a controlled itinerary

Tourists and other travellers who come in under this arrangement will need to test negative on mutually recognised COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. They will also be required to go on flights dedicated for those travelling under the bubble. 

The air travel bubble launch date and other implementation details will be announced shortly.

Singapore is also continuing talks on air travel bubbles with other countries that have managed the COVID-19 pandemic well, while Hong Kong is in the process of establishing a health code for cross-border travel.

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