Destination Asia Vietnam Goes Trash Fishing

Destination Asia cooperated with Asian Trails, Khiri, Exo travel, Indotrek to inspect a new activity developed by the anti-littering association Sach Va Xanh . It is called trash fishing and takes place in a canal within District 7 of HCMC that’s affected by severe littering. It is a surprisingly fun activity for guests to get their hands dirty (gloves provided), and scoop trash floating in the river with nets before emptying into trash cans in the boat. To put a spin on this, we suggest making this a family or team building game with whoever filling up the bin the fastest wins! It sheds light on a pressing issue in Vietnam, with proceeds from this tour helping Sach Va Xanh in their objective to generate their own income. All money raised goes towards highlighting the problem of littering with the local government, schools, and stakeholders. Sach Va Xanh also organize large annual cleanups in several areas of Vietnam. Destination Asia can facilitate trash fishing for those wanting to make a difference while in Vietnam.

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