Sustainable Organic Farm Experience

Our Cambodia operations & MICE team recently made their way out to the village of Sarsarsdam, roughly one hour west of Siem Reap, through the beautiful countryside of Puok District. Their destination was an innovative farm producing pesticide free organic fruits and vegetables, hydroponically grown in environmentally friendly sustainable greenhouses. Many small farms in Cambodia struggle to compete with mass produced pesticide grown crops from larger exporting countries such as Vietnam, China and Thailand, but Happy + Co farm is leading the way by innovating in local conditions to produce high quality, healthy, organic foods made into delicious pastes, sauces, chutneys, juices and more. They now supply many leading restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in Cambodia, offering a welcome source of nutritious, locally grown produce while supporting local communities through reliable income and excellent working conditions. Our team is working with Happy + Co to develop a new sustainable organic farm experience, including fruit and vegetable picking, learning about sustainable organic farming in Cambodia and how it benefits the surrounding community. This is followed by a delicious healthy lunch in beautiful rural surroundings.

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