Discover Ipoh’s Tin Mining History

Tin Mining is one of the oldest industries in Malaysia, and Ipoh, “The City that Tin Built”, became the meeting point of all the commercial centers of the Kinta Valley. An interactive and engaging experience is now available to educate today’s generation in the rich heritage of tin mining in Ipoh.

Lost World Tin Valley is equipped with a life-sized palung (sluice box), an original gravel pump monitor and a large area for young visitors to try their hand at ‘Dulang Washing’ (Tin Ore Panning). The dulang was used to scoop up the earth, mixed with water and by careful swirling of the water, the mud was swept away and the heavier tin ore remained. Kids will have the opportunity to experience ‘dulang washing’— the art of using a dulang to extract tin from the earth and sand. Other attractions at the valley include a Tin History Walk, Tin Trail (explaining how tin is mined), and Tin Bearers (replica life-size stone elephants that children and adults can sit on).

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