Explore the Ulu Baram

Ulu Baram is an encased muddy plain located in Sarawak, created in part by the Baram River (the 2nd longest river in Sarawak). The river originates from the Kelabit Highlands, a watershed defined by the Iran Mountains of East Kalimantan, which form a natural border with Sarawak.

The people that lived along this river are the Kenyah, Kayan and Penan. The Penan, historically a nomadic tribe, has recently started to settle down in villages and plant crops such as rice and vegetables. They still maintain their hunter-gatherer traditional knowledge and refer to the forest as their source for livelihood. The few Penan villages that can be found are along the Selaan River are only accessible by long boat. Destination Asia Malaysia offer immersive experiences such as the ‘Penan Life Experience’, educating about local life while experiencing handicrafts and making Penan food.

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