Tracing the spiritual roots of Hong Kong through its ancient arts.

Tai ChiHong Kong has always caught the eye of the intrepid traveler, lured by a dazzling fusion of monolithic skyscrapers, jungle clad mountains, ancient Chinese influences and a hedonistic nightlife. An inspirational destination for both repeat and first time visitors, this group of islands is always evolving though remains a place to witness timeless art forms.

Solitary figures can be seen casting fluid movements in quiet corners around the city or in groups at the park as they move in unison, practicing Tai Chi. On this tour we meet with a well-known Tai Chi master who explains the philosophy behind this ancient spiritual art system and guides each guest through a range of moves.

Any Hong Kong experience is further enlightened by learning the secrets behind Feng Shui, a spiritual art closely linked to Tai Chi. The central district is home to a colossal number of buildings, many constructed following Feng Shui systems under the belief that good Feng Shui can ward off bad luck and attract prosperity. An expert guide explains how the positioning of some buildings has been determined, including the famous HSBC building – after the talk we promise you will look at Hong Kong in a whole new light. Following the guided tour we finish with another cultural necessity – food! A delicious bowl of wonton noodles is the perfect way to round off our day.

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