Ensuring Safety Amidst the Hong Kong Protests

Group: 40 top distributors from an international cosmetics company.

Brief: The client was concerned about the safety of their staff with the on-going political situation in Hong Kong. Facing a fixed travel period and tight schedule to organize the incentive trip, the client was not able the move the dates of the incentive trip.

In order to alleviate their worries, our Destination Asia Hong Kong team made weekly updates on the protests in the run-up to their arrival. While the group was in town, our team also kept them posted on the daily protest activities and advised guests to avoid certain areas if necessary.

A proposal was also made to hire a security team to monitor the real-time situation and guide guests to safety should anything happen. The client selected this option and had a team of five security guards follow the group during off-site activities, including tours and dinners. Alternative tour options were also provided should they have needed to change locations. 

Fortunately, the group were not affected by any protests during the entire duration of their trip. With unwavering team dedication and endless support from our partners, as well as careful planning and execution, the Destination Asia Hong Kong events team were able to seamlessly deliver the incentive just as the client envisioned and witnessed the guests enjoying themselves during their time in Hong Kong.

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