Evening Adventures in the Jungles of Borneo

Borneo’s jungle feels full of life during daylight, but it’s at night that the forest really comes alive. Mixed dipterocarp forest rich in palms, orchids, pitcher plants, and amphibians make up the lushest and most threatened habitats in Borneo.

Tabin Wildlife Park in the northern state of Sabah is also home to approximately 26 species of unique frogs and toads, of which 12 are endemic to Borneo and one endemic to Sabah. Visitors to the Tabin Wildlife Park can admire the beautiful patterns and unique markings of the Saffron-Bellied Frog (which is known to turn your finger yellow if you touch the yellow blotches on their body); the White-Lipped Frog; the endemic Tree Hole Frog; the Harlequin Tree Frog; Bornean Horned Frog; the near-threatened Jade Tree Frog; and the Giant River Toad, just to name a few.

Located just 20 kilometres from Sarawak’s capital of Kuching, Kubah National Park is a favourite destination for local day-trippers. Within the park’s 2,230 hectares, you’ll find not only rare ferns and orchids but one hundred different species of palm too. More than 61 species of frogs have also been recorded in Kubah National Park, which is a third of the total species of frog in Borneo. The Lowland Litter Frog; Wallace’s Flying Frog; Matang Narrow-Mouthed Frog; Kuhl’s Creek Frog, Giant River Frog; Peat Swamp frog; Mahogany frog; Spotted Stream Frog; File-eared Tree frog; Dark-eared Tree Frog; and many more species can be spotted on an evening trip to ‘the home of palms and frogs.’

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