Destination Asia Japan Joins Effort to Support Medical Professionals

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Destination Asia Japan has teamed up with a volunteer organization to help support our frontline medical workers, who have been working around the clock despite limited resources and assistance.

Using plastic bags, tape and other surplus office supplies, the Product Team made 30 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE). This PPE was subsequently sent to the volunteering group Bogofuku Shien (Protective Clothing Aid) Project in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, to be allocated to hospitals in need.

Bogofuku Shien Project began their project in April to help meet the growing demand from hospitals. Consisting of just three members at the time, their initiative has since earned the support of more than 700 people around Japan who are volunteering their time to make this simple gear at home. The design has seen multiple revisions, before settling with one that could be easily made from household items. Five pieces can be made in one hour.

Although the government has lifted the state of emergency, personal protective equipment continues to be in urgent need. Destination Asia Japan has already contributed 512 pieces of PPE including 299 pieces of disposable rainwear sent to hospitals in Tokyo, 183 pieces of disposable rainwear sent to hospitals in Kyoto, and 30 pieces of handmade protective clothing, and will continue to assist those on the frontline.

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