‘e-bike’ Around The Temples Of Angkor

Destination Asia Cambodia can now provide a new eco-friendly way to explore the temples of Angkor. The new green e-bike is a completely pollution and noise free bike that allows independent travel wherever you are. These handy bikes provide a simple solution to the issue many people have of navigating around the extensive temple site. The e-bike is supported by a battery to keep them going for up to 40km – after which they can be plugged in to any 220V outlet and re-charged. To simplify the process, these power assisted bike do not require a motorbike license though riders must be 16 years or older.

With air pollution a growing problem in the larger cities and towns, the e-bike will make a positive contribution to the environment by cutting CO2 emissions. They are the perfect solution for travelers who are environmentally aware and want to help make a difference. With minimum physical effort and environmentally aware – everyone can now explore the monumental temples of Angkor.

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