Guizhou Launches New English-Language Website ‘Explore Best in Guizhou’

Hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and operated by, ‘Explore Best in Guizhou‘ was designed to meet the needs and preferences of international online visitors. The new English-language website serves as a diversified guide to promote Guizhou while providing useful travel information.

Guizhou province is situated right in the heart of southwestern China and is home to immense areas of forest, dotted with towering mountains and temples and strewn with excellent parkland. Guizhou is one of the country’s most culturally diverse provinces, with the ethnic minority groups Miao and Yao making up over 37% of the population.

Visitors and travel experts alike can browse the new dedicated website through various sections such as Latest News, Travel Route, The best of Guizhou Highlights, Destination Recommendations, and Voice of Guizhou, which shows Guizhou through pictures and videos.

In the future, the team will continue to report the stories on ethnic culture, intangible heritage crafts, rural revitalization, red tourism and technology innovation of Guizhou.

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