Secret Cocktail Experiences

This month we feature an exciting new tour created in the charming town of Hoi An, a UNESCO Heritage site surrounded by the rivers and paddy fields. Our secret cocktail experience has more of an urban vibe: weaving through small streets, the tour starts just before sunset at a meeting spot in Old Town while the rest of the itinerary is revealed as the evening unfolds. Our host walks us through small alleys to hunt for the best cocktails, each sampled with local snacks in secret locations you’d be hard pressed to find on your own. Tropical flavors are inspired by the colorful stories of the trading heritage of Hoi an, at the confluence of Asian and European cultures.

During the short walks between locales and tasting sessions, you’ll hear stories from our knowledgeable chủ nhà or host, exploring the history of the Vietnamese relationship with the French, Japanese and Chinese merchants who came to trade in the city. Experiences begin at 5 pm and last approximately 3 hours.

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