Health Code for Cross-Border Travel in Hong Kong Underway

Hong Kong is in advanced internal talks to reopen the border for local residents living in mainland China to return to the city, with officials hoping the move will help revive the beleaguered economy. The HKSAR government is planning to unveil a health code plan to enable cross-border travel as the COVID-19 in Hong Kong stabilises.

Those who sign up for the health code will have to take a COVID-19 test from an authorized medical facility or lab, and provide information to verify their identities, such as travel documents and phone numbers. Hong Kong residents can then apply for a digital certificate from the Guangdong or Macau authorities, confirming the negative test results so that they can be exempted from quarantine restrictions upon their arrival. 

Similarly, the same health code will be used for travelling to overseas countries once Hong Kong has a travel bubble in place with other countries.

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