Transitioning from In-Person to Digital Annual Meeting

Group: 120 participants located in Thailand, Singapore, China and South Korea.

Brief: Two-day hybrid meeting with Bangkok as a hub and using the same standard as US Pando platform.

Key Stats: Two-day hybrid meeting held digitally across four countries, featuring 120 participants of six different nationalities, as well as four moderators.

In July 2020, Destination Asia Thailand’s events team received a request from a repeat client to help arrange and transition an annual meeting to the virtual world. In previous years the meeting has been held around the Asia-Pacific region for organization members to meet, discuss, and connect. around two-day hybrid meeting with 120 participants and using the same standards as Pando platform. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in strict travel restrictions, the organization needed to adapt to a new operating environment by going digital. 

For the first call with the client, the events team also included the venue partner, ICONSIAM, to ensure their needs were heard and their questions were answered. During the call, the team collected as much information as possible to formulate an initial plan. One week later, the first draft was submitted to the client and to which the feedback was positive. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform and the effort of the team, the client decided to move forward with the confirmation and schedule the first in-person meeting for mid-August.

One of the moderators was located in Thailand and was happy to walk through the plan with the team at ICONSIAM, where the Bangkok studio would be set. Following the meeting, the client requested mini studios to also be set up in Singapore, South Korea and China, for the other moderators to lead their sessions. Destination Asia Thailand’s events team worked with various teams in each country to ensure that the same standards were implemented and the event would take place smoothly. Destination Asia Singapore provided transportation and staff for the function in Singapore, while the AV team in Bangkok worked with their partner in Singapore, South Korea and China.

As this was the hybrid meeting, a small group of guests joined the meeting from the various studios. Health & Safety protocols were in place including alcohol gel stations, social distancing, temperature checks, and recording a list of all attendants.

There were no major challenges during the two days and everything went according to plan. Following the meeting, the team received a letter of appreciation from the client, thanking the entire team for their hard work.

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