More to Lombok with Soft Trekking Adventure

Asia Talk-Indonesia_Oct2016Explore the tropical rainforest of Lombok, meet and talk with the hill tribe people who know the area better than anyone, then head into the jungle to discover a hidden river well. This is Lombok in its purest form – an island covered in tropical rain forest.

As we trek between remote villages, what you will see, hear and find is never the same. From cocoa plants to durian trees, coffee plantations and sago palms, the path is a winding adventure through the livelihoods of Lombok. We discover how the indigenous people make a living from extracting the ‘tuak’ (juicy liquid) from the trees and process it into brown sugar. Our excursions lead us to Tibu Ijo, a waterfall named after the green (“ijo”) color of the pool beneath it (believed by locals to have no base as nobody has ever reached the bottom). And we follow a trail to ‘Warung Kelor’, a local cafe house to enjoy coffee and one of Indonesia’s most popular snacks ‘pisang goreng’ – deep fried banana fritters.

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