New Bullet Train Service Gives Nagasaki Travel Boost

Almost 60 years after Japan launched its first bullet train or Shinkansen, a service between Hakata and Nagasaki will commence this September, reducing the travel time to just 1 hour and 20 mins between the two cities.

The country’s first bullet train eased transportation between Tokyo and Osaka in October 1964 for the first Tokyo Olympics, and routes developed to Kyushu some 40 years later. However, the expansion to Nagasaki was challenging due to the location, which made the construction work lengthy and complex. Designed by renowned Japanese engineer Eiji Mitooka, famous for the Seven Stars luxury train, the journey is not direct but significantly reduces travel time. A quick transfer at Takeo-Onsen Station in Saga Prefecture will continue with the shortest bulletin journey nationwide, arriving in Hakata in just 23 minutes.

Several large hotel chains have already seized the opportunity to provide accommodation near Nagasaki station, with the Hilton opening its doors last year. In Autumn 2023, coordinating with the modernization of Nagasaki station, Marriot Hotels will also expand to the city. In addition, last year saw the arrival of a new large-scale convention centre and exhibition hall called Dejima Messe Nagasaki. Nagasaki hopes to be once again recognized as a thriving commerce and industry city that transcends oriental and European culture. Home to the port and now the bullet train, the increase in various developments and projects will place Nagasaki high up on Japan’s must-visit destinations.

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