Cultural Immersion Night Street Event in Hoi An

Group: 120 people from the UK.

Brief: To create a cultural immersion and memorable dining event.

Destination Asia Vietnam was granted special permission by the local government to block a street in the ancient town of Hoi An to create a very exclusive dining experience. Guests were dropped across the river and walked to the entrance of the street close to the Japanese Bridge where drummers in traditional dress welcomed them. Using special lighting, Destination Asia was able to highlight the beautiful architectural elements of the Japanese Bridge, creating a stunning backdrop for the evening. The spectacular setting was completed with hundreds of colorful lanterns hanging in the trees.

A dragon dance led guests through to the street set up where cold drinks and towels were waiting. Ladies carrying finger food on traditional yolk baskets lined with banana leaves weaved amongst the guests to offer welcome snacks. Rustic buffet stations lined the street with a live grill area cooking a delicious selection of meat, vegetables and fresh seafood.

The natural stage area on the corner of the street was perfect for the music and dance entertainment and also suitable for speeches and presentations. After dinner guests lit paper lantern, made a wish and released them onto the river – a local custom of Hoi An.

As very few people have experienced this dinner set up, it is a truly special and memorable occasion for any guest.

Click here to watch our event video from Hoi An.

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