11-day Vietnam Experience Specially Designed for Young Adults

This trip has been developed with students and other young adults firmly in mind, as it offers a truly immersive experience of Vietnam’s culture and landscapes, from north to south.

It starts with a leisurely cycling trip through the lush, verdant rice fields of the north, then moves down to the Tam Giang Lagoon Survival tour, where visitors are warmly welcomed by hospitable fishermen who take them cruising on the captivating lagoon, discovering the unique lifestyle of the local boat dwellers. Then there’s another cycle trek along the country’s famous Perfume River, connecting with nature amidst enchanting gardens. This leg of the journey takes in villages with historical significance and a blissfully close encounter with the central region’s overwhelming sense of peace and hospitality.

There’s a stop at a local farm, with a chance to see how essential oils are distilled, followed by a healthy lunch featuring homegrown vegetables and Vietnamese delicacies. Finally, in the south, the tour calls in at Ben Tre, to experience the tranquil beauty of the Mekong area and the warmth of its people.

All in all, this trip promises an eye-opening and captivating adventure that will leave cherished memories and a deep appreciation of Vietnam’s diverse culture and landscapes.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our Vietnam reservation team at: [email protected]

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