Okayama & Kurashiki Cultural Insight

Destination Asia Japan has created a compelling journey through the natural heritage of Japan’s Okayama and Kurahiki region. Guiding visitors among a selection of the area’s most revered gardens and parks such as the Korakuen Garden and Mt Washuzan Park, this cultural program reveals the concepts and meaning to these perfectly designed open spaces. We also explore the castle adjoining Korakuen Garden, learning about its mysterious black tower.

The Kurashiki Bikan area is very unique and offers guests the opportunity to experience a retro-modern cityscape combined with a mixture of Japanese and western flavors. The streets are teeming with nostalgic remnants of a bygone era – with white washed storehouses hidden along narrow side streets and wooden carts resting outside. The entire town is a photographer’s dream come true.

A trip to the Hayashibara Museum with our expert guide reveals a fascinating collection of national treasures and important cultural assets. The next stop is Osafune and the Bizen-Osafune Sword Museum. Bizen was so predominant in sword making that it is estimated up to 70% of surviving samurai swords were produced in local forges. The program provides a captivating journey through one of Japan’s most creative eras.

Image: Okayama Castle

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