Out of the Public Eye in Kuala Lumpur

MalaysiaThe hidden alleyways of Kuala Lumpur provide some of the most rewarding sights and sounds to discover when visiting Malaysia’s capital. Our exciting half day program takes guests from the KL City Gallery to Kuala Lumpur’s downtown area, past the iconic Sultan Abdul Samad Building and down Petaling Street. We enjoy a traditional Hainanese coffee before commencing on a fascinating ‘voyage of discovery’ as we jump on bicycles and traverse a labyrinth of hidden alleyways that connect the new and the old regions of Kuala Lumpur.

Our Kuala Lumpur experience is far from public view. Secluded passages open to secret morning junk markets where only locals frequent to unearth historical gems. Admire classical shop house architecture as our knowledgeable guides explain the significance of specific curves and carvings along temple walls. Photo opportunities abound as you delve further into the history, culture and tangible characteristics of Malaysia.

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