Penang Colonial Museum Now Open

The newly opened Penang Colonial Museum is situated in the building of a former state government property alongside Jalan DS Ramanathan. A total of RM3 million was spent restoring the building with a number of priceless exhibits now on display for visitors to see. One of these includes a document dating back to 1794, signed by Captain Francis Light, the founder of the settlement of Prince of Wales Island. Within the building there are magnificent displays of stained glass windows by Hubert McGoldrick, Alfred Ernest Chuld and Katherine O’Brien.

The museum transports visitors back to Penang’s intriguing colonial past with the lifestyles of both the British Administrators and the island’s wealthy merchants excellently depicted. The museum is open Sunday to Saturday from 9:30am to 6:30pm and is a great inclusion to any itinerary involving Penang.

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