Railroad life in Ho Chi Minh City

The train is a favored form of transport for many Vietnamese people, with the Saigon Railway Station in Ho Chi Minh City remaining the largest and most important railroad hub in Vietnam. However, on this insightful tour, we take guests not on the train, but along its tracks to expose a rarely observed way of life.

Weaving through District 3 and Phu Nhuan district, the rail line passes along buzzing residential areas teeming with color and cultural charms as well as the communities who live next to these tracks unaffected by the passing trains. On an escorted walk, we take visitors to hidden pagodas, local markets abound with fresh food, quirky restaurants, billiard halls, schools, beer houses and fashion boutiques. The tour winds to a close at a pagoda courtyard where guests can watch a martial arts lesson taking place. This tour introduces visitors to a seldom seen face of Ho Chi Minh, providing them with a far greater understanding and appreciation of how some Saigonese live intertwined with the urban fabric.

We are also developing a similar themed tour in Hanoi.

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