Rural Tourism on the Rise in Japan

Japan is in the middle of an “I-Turn” effect where people are increasingly leaving busy cities to return to the countryside. Linked to this are opportunities for sustainable tourism in rural parts of the country, which may be driving a recent trend.

Nikkei Asian Review recently reported that foreign tourist spending in rural parts of Japan in 2018 had increased by 58% from 2015. It made up 28.5% of the percentage of total tourist spending in 2018. 18 million foreign tourists also travelled to rural areas of Japan in 2018, which goes to show the pull of Japan’s stunning countryside. The peaceful way of life, welcoming locals and unique travel and experience opportunities guarantee an unforgettable highlight to any Japan trip.

Destination Asia Japan is proud to have a number of products available that allow our clients to get out to lesser-known areas of the country and experience rural Japanese life for themselves. From hiking ancient pilgrim trails to exploring dramatic coastlines to cycling through thatched-roof villages, we would love to introduce your clients to Japan’s beautiful countryside.

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