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11 Flavours of Asia Recipe Book by Destination Asia

In April we promised to share one recipe a week on social media and via our news website, culminating in a recipe book consisting of all the recipes – and here it is! Welcome to our ’11 Flavours of Asia’ recipe book! Over the course of 11 weeks, our country teams each shared a favourite recipe from their destination.

Click here or on the image below to open your recipe book.

Some are national dishes, others less known outside of the borders, but each represents the essence of their beloved country in Asia. Most ingredients can be sourced in local supermarkets while a few will require an Asian food store. Enjoy finding the ingredients and don’t be afraid to try out substitutes if you can’t get exactly what you need. We hope you love testing out your culinary skills and sharing some of these wonderful dishes with friends and family.

We hope you enjoy cooking some of these fantastically fragrant and fulfilling dishes in your own home!

Click here or on the image above to open your ’11 Flavours of Asia’ recipe book.

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