Setouchi Triennale Art Festival 2022 Reveals a Bright Future

The World-famous Setouchi Triennale Art Festival 2022 is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. The exhibition is held every three years in spring, summer, and autumn. There are a total of 214 pieces of art by 184 artists from 33 countries; the art is exhibited across 12 islands and two areas in Setouchi. There will also be many local events taking place alongside the art.  A great aspect of the art festival is you can enjoy the different installations while visiting the islands, interacting with local people and visitors.

The art festival also upholds the concept of sustainability, stating in their mission to, “revitalize island communities that once thrived within the spectacular setting of the Seto Inland Sea – a nexus of trade and cultural exchange – and transform this region into a Sea of Hope for the world.”

Takeaki, an experienced coordinator from the Product Department recently visited the area on vacation, joining a local full-day tour to Teshima and Inujima. Takeaki said, “I saw many tourists from younger to elder generations who seemed to sincerely enjoy the event. They looked relaxed and free from the stress created through the pandemic. I believe this relaxation came from the power of the art and the islands’ beautiful landscapes. Even though in Japan you must still wear a mask, the overall mood is changing, and the festival is a signal toward the reopening of tourism. I anticipate welcoming many visitors from overseas to the two upcoming festivals in summer this year.”

The festival will resume from 5 August – 4 September (Summer edition) and 29 September to 6 November (Autumn edition).

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