Spiritual adventure in Laos

Laos_activity_700x459Laos presents many adventurous, spiritual and unique travel opportunities for delegates who are seeking something out of the ordinary. One of the most fondly remembered encounters for many business travelers is the early morning alms ritual. A sacred Laos tradition, this ritual allows delegates in Luang Prabang to engage in local culture. Taking place before sunrise, the idea of alms giving is for Buddhist monks to make merit and collect food for their one meal of the day. To add a touch of adventure, this can be followed by a bicycle ride through the old town. Delegates savor the taste of local authentic Lao Coffee, visit a unique Heritage House situated on the point of the peninsular, and stop at Luang Prabang’s National Museum and the Traditional Arts & Ethnology Center. Dependent on which day of the week it is, we can also arrange front row seats at Laos Royal Ballet Theater Pa Lak – Pa Lam. The day concludes with a cruise on the Amantaka riverboat, which as a DMC, Destination Asia has exclusive access to.

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