Insight Into Chinese Medicine Theory

China_activity 700x459The Temple of Earth is a tranquil park in the heart of Beijing, designed according to basic Chinese medicine theory. Various regions of the body and their corresponding elements (for example, the ‘liver wood’ region) are assigned to each area of the park, offering a unique way to learn about this fascinating Chinese philosophy. A knowledgeable guide takes delegates on a walking tour of the park where they may encounter local retirees practicing Tai Chi or singing karaoke. There is the option to take a private Baduanjin or Tai Chi lesson for themselves, learning this ancient breathing and body movement exercise from a wise qi gong instructor.

Following this delegates head to the historic Tongrentang Pharmacy located in the heart of Beijing. Of particular note are the prices here. One long, tangled ginseng root can go for thousands of US dollars and may be used to treat type 2 diabetes and hair loss.

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