Step Back in Time in Kalaw

Myanmar allows visitors to literally step back in time.

When we compare the Golden Land to western civilization and its modern developments – it simply bears no resemblance, in the most humbling and engaging manner. The Shan State easily holds some of Asia’s most beautiful open landscapes and is home to welcoming locals who open up their homes and share the few offerings they have with passing visitors. Our destination is Kalaw, an area that has retained an air of colonial charm and is surrounded by countryside offering some of the best trekking and horse riding options in the country.

Reliving a time when no cars or means of modern transportation existed, we embark on a 3 day / 2 night horseback riding experience from Kalaw to the small town of Inndein, part of the Shan State and nearby to the renowned Inle Lake. Part of this unique trail takes clients through fascinating small ethnic villages and past vast caves that few people have ever explored.  The hospitality of the Burmese is experienced first-hand as we spend one night at a local home, enjoying a home-cooked meal while getting to know our friendly host family.

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