Sunset Gondola Cruise With Cocktails and Canapés

Cambodia_activity_700x459Kongkear Angkor is a unique Khmer tradition boat service operating in Siem Reap’s historic Angkor Archaeological Park. Delegates have the unique opportunity to travel on the ancient moats and water ways where history comes to life. Photograph Angkor Thom from a completely new perspective as you glide across the surrounding water. Observe the Royal Secret Path and City Guard Post like never before as the sun sets on these ancient wonders.

The program commences in late afternoon as you board traditional Khmer boats within the Angkor Archaeological Park, sipping on refreshing beverages and enjoying canapés along the way. The gondola leaves from the South Gate, with refreshments served as you cruise around the magnificent Angkor Thom. This is a peaceful experience, far from the crowds, allowing you to enjoy a landscape where ancient history and nature merge into one.

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